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Client Software License
Ripplex Services Agreement

Please read the Client Software License and Ripplex Services Agreement ("License") carefully before using the Client Software. By using the Client Software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. Do not use the software if you do not agree to the terms of the license.

1. Reservation of rights against client software

The software (hereafter, referred to as "Client Software") on disk, in read only memory, on any other media or in any other form is licensed, not sold, to you by Ripplex Inc. (Hereafter, referred to as Ripplex). Ripplex reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to you. Ripplex retains all rights (including copyright) of the Client Software.

2. Transfer

You may not rent, lease, lend, re-distribute or sub-License the Client Software.

3. Guarantee of the Client Software and provision of Ripplex services.

  1. Ripplex provides the Client Software "As Is" and does not guarantee that the software is defect free. Ripplex does not guarantee the quality of the services and does not guarantee uninterrupted services and the backup of the data retained by Ripplex.
  2. Ripplex does not compensate for any damage caused by the Client Software, its usage and the services provided by them.
  3. Ripplex does not guarantee the non-infringement of patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights of third parties related to the Client Software, its usage and the services provided by them.

4. Prohibitions for users

Users are prohibited from the following acts

  1. To develop, distribute and use the software that partially or entirely resembles the functions of the Client Software or compatible software
  2. To transfer, sell or offer the Ripplex ID that is assigned by Ripplex
  3. To use a Ripplex ID other than the Ripplex ID assigned to the user by Ripplex, or to allow the use of the Client Software by any other person pretending to be the user
  4. To generate heavy traffic which places a burden on the server provided by Ripplex, and to block other users of Ripplex services
  5. To set a site as an affiliate by using the Client Software. To set an affiliate to the Client Software so that users profit from a third party affiliate program.
  6. To violate the law relating to Client Software and Ripplex services.
  7. To copy, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify or create derivative works of the Client Software or any part thereof.
  8. To impersonate anyone else in the use of Ripplex client software or Ripplex services.

5. Responsibilities of user

  1. The user shall provide any information required to use Ripplex services according to the conditions and requirement decided by Ripplex.
  2. The user shall not acquire and use a plurality of Ripplex IDs.
  3. The user shall not disclose the Ripplex ID assigned to him/her and the assigned or set password to a third party.
  4. The user shall only use his/her real name in the field with “Real Name” label of Ripplex Address Book.
  5. When Ripplex releases a new version of the Client Software, the user shall immediately update the Client Software or stop using the old version Client Software.
  6. The user shall understand in depth the services provided by this client software and Ripplex service for selecting the communication media and shall use the selected communication media in accordance with the terms and conditions of the communication media provider.
  7. The user shall be responsible for any damages suffered by Ripplex due to the use of communications media that are selected by using the Client Software and Ripplex services.
  8. The user shall compensate for the damages suffered by Ripplex in the event of violation of the rules pertaining to prohibitions mentioned hereinbefore.

6. Reservation

  1. may not delete the Ripplex ID even if the User requests to.
  2. may not reset or reassign the password provided by the user or assigned to the user.
  3. may post advertisements on the Client Software or any future version of the Client Software.
  4. may terminate its services temporarily or permanently. Ripplex may prohibit the use of the Client Software or stop the usage of Ripplex services where the Client Software is used.

7. Period

This agreement is valid until the dissolution of the Ripplex or termination of the Ripplex services.

8. Governing Law

This agreement shall be constructed and governed in accordance with the Laws of Japan.