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SkypetwitterEnjoy Skype and twitter more

Enjoy Skype and twitter even more by (A) linking with your Skype and/or twitter friends and (B) sharing other information such as email address, Facebook ID, MySpace ID, Chat/IM IDs, YouTube, Google Maps etc.
Addressbook Features

Skype and twitter contact lists

Download Ripplex and register you Skype/twitter IDs for automatic import of your Skype/twitter information. Ripplex imports your contacts and displays latest messages.

Addressbook Features

import photos and images from skype and twitter

Now Ripplex automatically import photos and images from skype and twitter. you can see your friends list on ripplex just as in skype and twitter.
Addressbook Features

Send mood message to Skype and twitter from Ripplex

You can change status message on Skype and send mood message to twitter, you can also see latest messages from friends, follow friends and reply with @.
Addressbook Features

Connect with friends with a click on an icon

With all your Skype and twitter information in your Ripplex Address Book, you can start a Skype chat or call with friends with one click or see timeline of your twitter friend.
Addressbook Features

Display/ Hide messages

In Ripplex, you have an option to either display Skype mood messages and twitter messages or hide them with one click.
Addressbook Features

See more details in a particular service

When you click the icon of a service in the header line, you see more details for that service. When you click on twitter/Skype icon you see the latest message and friend's user name, for example.
Addressbook Features

Order friends by a certain service

You can sort Friends' list by a particular service and status within that service by double clicking on the icon for that service. For example, when you click on Skype icon in the header row, your friends are displayed in the order of the Skype presence status among the skype users followed by non-skype users.
Addressbook Features

Integrate Skype contacts and twitter followers

You can merge automatically imported information from Skype and twitter into one profile for a friend that you know through both Skype and twitter.
Addressbook Features

Not using Skype?

You can use Ripplex even if you are not a Skype user. Skype lets you chat and talk to your friends for free, so give it a try. Plus, with Skype ID, it will be easier to find and link with your Skype friends in Ripplex.

Not using twitter?

You can use Ripplex even if you are not a twitter user. With twitter you can stay in touch and make more friends easily. Unlike other SNS, you can make friends by just following other users, and following your followers, so give it a try. Plus with twitter ID, it will be easier to find and link with your twitter friends in Ripplex.

Your user name and password stays private

You are asked to enter Skype ID and twitter user name and password while registering Ripplex. This information is stored only in your computer and no one including Ripplex Inc., can access that information.

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