Growing address book

communicateEasy management of various communication channels

With Ripplex, you have a bird's view of all the available communication channels to contact your friends, including the services for which you haven't even signed up! You can get their Skype IDs, twitter IDs, Email addresses, phone number, mailing Addresses, Facebook, MySpace and many more IDs. For many of these services, you can also launch the applications from Ripplex itself with one click on an icon!
Addressbook Features

Who first, how later

Generally you start a particular communication service or software, get the contact ID and other information and use it to communicate with your friend, i.e. all though you think of who do you want to communicate with first, you end up choosing how you are going to communicate first! In Ripplex Icon View, you see all the channels available to you for communicate with a friend, so you do things more naturally - pick who do you want to communicate with first and then decide how.

Easier way to connect

Since you have Icons for all channels available to you in Icon View of Ripplex, once you have decided to use a particular channel to connect with a friend, all you have to do is to click on that icon for the selected friend - no need to remember that friend's number, ID, user name etc.

An international address book

Almost all electronic address books allow you to enter and see all information in only one language. In Ripplex, you can enter several items in multiple languages. Usually you would enter only your own information in many languages and the recipients can choose their language priority as per their preferences. Thus they can see the information in the most preferred language if it is available in that language, otherwise they see it in some other language. One can change the language priority at any time. This comes in handy in many situations, for example, an American would like to generally see a Japanese address in English but to map it with Google Maps, it is needed in Japanese! In Ripplex if the Japanese counterpart disclosed the address in both Japanese and English, then you can see it in English and Google Map it - both with only one click!

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